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May Wants

Dreaming of Fridays (long edtion)

I know I know I am sorry!!!! I have been so busy eeek!!!!! I am busy as we speak but I am trying to knock this homework out the way and then focus on this and 100 other things. So how was your holiday and  more importantly what are you doing the weekend!!! I have no clue I am finally caught up and I have to do a few more things and I will be okay to rest. I am so tired I dont even know. Okay heres like 10 things I found see im making up!!!!

Dear Toast.UK I wish shipping was less than $20 and I want this bag

A thing or two about Mixology

What food from Japan do we love the most .....(no not sushi)

Cool Asian Styles

I heat this clothing brand

My boobs thanks this site

I love Adeles hair

swimsuits  for my shape not sure size

Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake

M.I.A video is off the chain and her hair and nails are too lol

Until next week.


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