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Dreaming of Fridays (Make up and current edition)

Hey there. So heres the deal: I have a new laptop!!! finally so now I am okay to post and not have the issues ive been having. But my lovely camera source is messed up so back to the manufacture it goes. I hope that A. it doesnt cost too much and B. the problem is resolved and never comes back. So I hope you all have a great weekend. This is my bday weekend Do you know that I am not happy to turn ever so closer to 30 lol in a few years I will be and I look every bit of a highschooler lol. Okay enough chat. Lets get to it. Here are some things I found around the web. 

Are you an EDM fan ? it ranges from dupstep to tech to electro -house. here are 16 ways to see if you are . ( edm- electronic dance music)

skirt I love via a blog .

An old recipe I made tonight

A very cute blog post

A very Interesting article via the Japanese Times 

A movie

How to eat sushi

Are you part of the Secret Society Club I am 

well hope you have a great weekend!!!!!!!!! on a special note. I have royal blue nails and my hair are in braids so low maintenance oh the joys of the lasting summer i hope to get in the pool . 

bellow is my baby Bella Tomo-Yu


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