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Dreaming Of Fridays


I cant believe that I am doing this on time!. Now ive had a long week never thought it would be over. But its almost after tomorrow I can say that. So I got a few exciting things I will be sharing below. From places to things I have and are going to. So keep reading enjoy the links. I think I enjoy finding things to share at times it makes you understand me just a bit more.

On the Wall Street Journal Asia, its Food Fridays

Barista Boot Camp

Shorts  I just have to have for my first festival of the year outfit

I cant wait for The Mindy Project 2nd season

We are going to race to this festival ( my second fest of the year)

RIRI has a nice haircut

New Kate Spade New York


Anna Scholz

What shall you do this weekend ? I have no ida what I will do after work. My coupons for this month of birth is coming in I will have a great month lol free free and cheap lol Enjoy


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