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A Very Good Cheap Wine From....

Hey !!!

Yes Its not Friday but I went to visit a friend and her daughter and I stopped by a store on the way to pick up a gift and passed by the wine aisle. I was like hum.....with a little bit of money and a craving for a good tasting wine I went on the search. I saw a nice bottle and it said a slight taste of orange blossom. I shrugged because with my VAST knowledge via wine tasting classes, there are some moscatos that are sweet and some who are dry and some who are both. I end up just picking up a winner. heres the pic and below I will tell you the name and where I go it from and the whooping price.

Its called "Naked" and its $6.99 from ........Target!!! yep lol if your state sales alcohol in all stores then enjoy if not I will do some more research to see where else I can get it from .

xoxoxoxo until next time


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