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Dreaming Of Fridays

Hey all

Im having browser issues. I don't know if you all use Chrome to post like I do but since it updated , I cant post so now im here on IE not a big fan of it but just enough to get my blogs done until I can fix the little problem before Google does. lol So its Saturday, I had it all planned out yesterday but I couldn't figure out what was going on until now and then it all fell into place. Now, what are you doing today? Or will do? I am tired I was working all day but I still have things to do. Heres what I found around the web. Its a lot.

I just received this email about 7 things not to do with your hair

How to strike a pose

Bikni For Miami

Blouse for Miami

Skirt for Miami

Cant wait to shop here

A Toro Y Moi collab that I cant wait for, (besides the concert on the 21st)

What to discuss before you get married

A very educational documentary

Well I will continue next week promise !!! lol have a great rest of your weekend and I leave you with a pic of  me enjoying coffee via Coffeehouse Confessional  (my other blog) xxxo


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