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Dreaming Of Fridays

Hey all,
so I actually did this ahead of time but forgot to post it on time....I know I know . But I am off to work so ill finish this rant when I get in. Okay im back, so what did you do dis weekend? Im sad its Sunday and it will go fast i dont get time off to breath im always so tired. But I did take the girls out last night to a movie and I had to waste 2 hours of time while they watched. I hate when things are in select theaters. Okay heres what I found this week and last

A new store

San Francisco has this shop  I need to go to.

A very cute Kate Spade Saturday skirt

An EP I forgot to share

Shoes I crave

My Jam

I really need these glasses

A cute purse

Nas new line im loving it might buy him something from it lol

Thanks to a cute flickr pic by uchiko


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