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Dreaming of Fridays ( sudnay edtion)

Hi everyone

Yes I know im doing it late but its getting done! I have been so busy its crazy. I dont even sleep well lol. I had some bad feedback from one of my blogs also and that just made me mad if anything. I was like I am going to blog anyway. Its like people always pick and chose the bad and never see the whole picture. Im me im great, and thank you for reading. for one negative person theres 10 who tell me about my blogs. Thank you. Now, on to what I found!!! these things are interesting.

I want to start off first with a picture from Humans of New York that explains how I feel about children.

I decided to wear this Dress to graduation

Lookie what Food 52 is doing

I love style , I love things that are different I think I strive to be , check out who else is different

Whimsical magazine 

I guess we are having a staycation and eating Turducken 

Is this article  really a change for good?

If my wedding dress could look like this dress id be made. From the square neck line to the length....I love it.

Until next time. have fun, dont stress out and take in life as much as you can. Below sundays coffee lol


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