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Dreaming of Fridays (Sunday Edtion)

Hey all

Geez I am having crazy issues with Blogger, Couldnt type up here I even tried on other programs still didnt work so now that it is working I have some stuff to share. How have you been? Im alright I guess. Just dont even know lol so busy, Microsoft Office not working, got projects due, people are not cooperating. Get with me people come on now. Anyway heres what I found.


I found an article about coats but I dont agree. Its not always about body type its more of what body features you want not to look a certain way. Like I dont wear double breasted coats, too much emphasis on a certain part. Read it here.

One of my fav Jpop singers is part of a cool POP UP SHOP

Sasha Obama is wearing such cute shoes

Amazing how the world came together to mourn a great man

A touching cat story  that I had to share.


The dress ( oh and tights) of my dreams. Not that expensive.

Skirt  of my dreams

Kate Spade bag im considering for my trip

We have has three snow storms I see these boots in my near future.

If I could I would wear this nightie

Resort Collection

Until next week here my tomo blogging


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