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Review Two: Zpizza Take and Bake Pizza

Im back again everyone!!!!

Yes two in a row I am on a roll. Now this one is a bit of a story so I will make it short. Zpizza is a shop that serves you guessed right  pizza and other things like pasta. Theres a few where I am located and I know ive seen one in New York. But the are about in a dozen or more states so check your local listings.

I want to say first that this is good pizza point blank. I go and I order two slices. Yes a bit pricey but I am signed up for the Ztribe club they have and thats how I got this pizza FREE!!!! Yes it was for the first 25 members and guess who flew across town to get hers? Moi , you are correct! But its a bit different its their first take home and bake it pizza so I was like "oh boy" but here we go.

Heres the Box it came in , you have to let it sit out for 45 min before you even bake it for 18. It even comes with a baking tray. A very hot 450 oven is needed and just watch it. Since the pizza was my choice I got Italian as you will see at the bottom.

Verdict: Its like I bought it already made! I do have to say that it takes a while for them to prepare it . Maybe because I was number 20, but it took an hour! Thats a wait in the city via feeding the parking meter peeking for the parking police. But the taste is fine no problems the feta is amazing. I have pesto also. Excellent. Im glad it expanded a bit because when they wrap it  and hand it to you in the box it will move and you have to spread it yourself well what you can. Its an over all good eat. Try other kind like the Santa Fe.

Special Thanks to Zpizza


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