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May Wants

Dreaming Of Fridays

Hey all

Whatcha doing this weekend? Im still a bit sick but im fine just doing homework and off to the doctors to make sure im fine. Speaking of which, Tomo (above) was spayed this past Monday. Shes doing okay a little stomach pain but shes taking it easy. Well without further ado, cool stuff I found online.

I finally decided on a swimsuit and this one

Speaking of swimsuits I wish this pokadot one came in my size!!!

Halo Gown and Lewisia Gown I need something similar to these. Im keeping this in mind.

Crop tops !!!!

Great plus size magazines I would like to share with everyone!!!

SJP Shoes only for Nordstrom!!!!

My niece ate this wonder treat. It comes to her school alot

Our anniversary place more to come.


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