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Dreaming of Friday ( Sunday Edtion)

Hey everyone.

Im just having a cup of coffee , dont feel motivated for nothing!!!! Okay What did you do? I had my second staycation. It was okay I wish I could say it was fun, but things and people will suck all the little joy you have left out of you. Alright, I found some nice things this week so lets get to it.

I am thinking about writing a Memoir

Hello Regency Hotel in Japan and not to mention this

Tripping  over Tokyo Fashion Week

Malibu is stepping up its game in the liquor world Rum is good but its even better with Tequila which is very good ive had this one but I want to try the Sparkling Rum and the Spiced Rum

Purse Madness  is happening to me again This is my third new purse

Oh and my four purse

I love Kim an Kayne pic on Vogue love the dress and gosh look at that ring lol. People really dont have nice things to say, I say get out of peoples personal lives, tend to your own and move on. lol people will be people ignore them.

I am a fan of Kelis and loved her singing at the SXSW Festival

Well thats all I have I got more for next week xx


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