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May Wants

Dreaming of Fridays

Happy Friday

So, what are your plans? I have none sadly but homework. I guess its my date for a while. lol Anywhoo I have a few things. I am actually invited to a few weddings in the next few months and I have a few things I like to wear. I am buying the shoes I will show and I will buy two of the dresses. I am at a bit of a pickle. Here let me show you.

 Jeffery Campbell Inaba Shoe

Dress Choices


Cut Out Dress

Tunic Dress One

Tunic Dress Two

Frill Dress (which im buying)

I have more but I dont want to overwhelm you! So until next week and more dresses I want to show you a cool Mad Men Cocktail

Ps. Next week I will be making cocktails. All of this Gin I have I have to make time to enjoy it right?  Oh and the pic was my shopping and dinner date a week or so ago.


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