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Gin Bottling

Hey all

Yes you read it correct, I went gin bottling recently. I always get monthly emails from Green Hat Gin , and they always ask if anyone wants to bottle to leave your name via email. I just happened to be aviable which is very rare and I did. I was picked!! I was so over joyed you have no idea. I ventured alone because my partner in crime had to work. But do not worry we will go next time. Anywhoo, I get there and theres a good amount of people. I was online and ready to bottle. I have to say my fav was the packing of the bottles in the boxes. I stayed at that station a lot. I also labeled, filled the bottles with gin, and put tops on the bottles. I was happy, quiet because you know im shy; but so very happy. Anywhoo, I had to snag the Spring/Summer gin and its sooooo good. We did have gin and tonics there and it was again too good. I also learned the distilling process and their unique ways. Cant wait for their whiskey I think like in 12 years. WOW I may be back in New York , but will be sure to order it. They were also nice enough to allow me to take pictures. check them out at a bar near you!!!!!

Thanks to Green Hat Gin


Erika Sorocco said…
This sounds like such a fun outing! I think I would like the bottling process the most, as well!

it was fun some of them overfilled and sprayed everywhere so driving out afterwards i hope i didnt smell like gin ! lol

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