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Happy Earth Day!!!

Hi everyone

I had to type this up. I was swamped with finance homework and stuff, but I am glad I have time to do this. I took the time to take pictures of my Earth Day this year. Its a special day now because I plant flowers because my late aunt loved them. Her memorial was yesterday its been three years so now it makes this day nicer because I am letting more oxygen into my home with my new plants. One of them that Bella ( my cat) has for herself. Its safe for her to eat the rest are out her reach. On to the pictures.

                                           one of my bamboos I have a straight one too
                                     potting soil and pots
                                       Bella African Lily
                                       Bella ready to plant
                                       Shes loving her lily
                                                   Replanting her plant
                                                  Its replanted
                                          Bella is happy! (don't mind the feet lol)
                                            Happy Earth Day!!!!!


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