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Hey all

Handmade bracelet from my friend via 

Long time no see, ive been so busy and on the go with the huge news I have. Sadly you will have to wait and see!!! So weekend plans? I have lots of paperwork and stuff to do so i guess no fun. Well I have a list of stuff I have found

If you can only give a $1 please help this wonderful kickstarter by Dear Kate. I did and this is the most I have ever gave at one time because of my small budget but its a great brand I have their stuff. 

Yummy,Yummy things from the Cooking Channel

I just ordered wine and they delivered via this site

Cant wait for my vacation one of these would be nice 

Oh and another swimsuit

I just fell in love with this outfit

I went to  the Neiman Marcus outlet and it was great, the store online is even better.

Okay until next time have a great weekend!!


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