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Bye East Coast ( For now)

Hey everyone

I finally found more pictures from my last day in DC. I will miss the east cost. My roots are here. Born in the city (NYC) lived all over the east coast. But nothing beats home. Also DC is nice. I wish there were better opportunities here because I wouldn't have to move  so far to find something decent you know? I think the keynote I went to last month just wasn't for me. A nice tech keynote meet up and the mayor of DC saying how he wants to attract our age group here. I am being driven away.I feel as that all of my hard work in school ( still in school) and certifications are in vain. But I will just take a leap of hot hot faith and go. We will see in a year if anything has changed. I think its good to go somewhere you have never been and then in future conversation say " oh yes I have not only been there but lived there" Its a great conversation keeper/starter. Don't be afraid my friends to dream and go big. Its okay if you want to go home; just make it a smooth transition.

I will miss you east coast.


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