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Happy Blog Anniversary Post!

Hey everyone!

I want to stop and say thank you. Its been sometime now haven't it ? I am so happy that I  am here another year to see this! Also its the same day I started my other blog!! I will have something up there also. Today im also another year old! its funny I love having blog parties and stuff but this is my first year away from the east coast. No ones here so I just did what I did and hopefully I use all of these gift cards I received and let you all know what I bought with them!!!! Thank you again for taking your time out and taking the time to read all of quirky things. I am not so thrilled about getting way to close to 30. lol I forgot for most of the day until I got calls recently! Im like ugh birthday blues. Haha. Until Friday this is what ive been getting into.

                                           New glasses and a new day!
                                        I went for eel sushi, yet again im a sucker for it. Going today too
                                         Another west coast sunset. Its different this year.
                                         spicy tuna, shrimp dragon roll sushi too...need that with eel.....

So, I am going to do one more post. Then I will see you Friday!!!! Thanks again and heres to another year of my blog and also another year older to me. xoxoxoxo


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