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Catching up

Hi all

I have a little bit of time so I decided to chat a bit. I have some things to share with you since I have'nt been in a while. I am so confused because all of my saved websites are all over the place, or I forget to bookmark them there goes my sharing. ( I try not to consume a lot of web cookies) Now on to some rambling.

First off, I have heard of this website named, and would read things off it from other peoples Pintrest and would then post it my Pintrest but never explored. So I have and I still am and there are so many funny and just great articles up here and the best comment section!

Yes hear me out, I am not a fan of comments because of how hurtful and smart some people want and will be. Do I lose sleep at night? No but it does make you wonder how messed up the human mind is and  individuals who are suppose to be well in the know. Sadly they are very annoying.

Now comment if I am wrong, but I have read 7 articles and there is no comment section. A huge sigh of relief. So I will share some of them with you and a quick thought.

Target  okay this one is so funny and very true, I can really relate to almost everything. Clothing are a totally hit or miss there with me since I wear double digits so again its very rare if I even look and find and buy without taking back very mad. I also would like to add a few things to her lovely list....Starbucks!  is one and there are a lot of them in Targets now and its my excuse to go also. I will go before and after shopping so I don't have to fight the drive thru lines or rude people in line in the actual Starbucks. I have only had one bad experience in a target one so hey its worth going. Cat food , hair products and food, oh not to mention the great clearance sections are others.

Plus Size Articles   I just have one link here but there are a few and I see how wonderful they look and how sweet and straight to their points they were. I also love the swimsuit in the post and I need it!!! High rise, low rise, whatever rise I was never afraid, the beach is where I lose all emotion and found the emotion " love" and " sea side food love" That is all I can say lol.(Ever been to Coney Island on a hot day? ) Its like okay lets go , you carry me through he hot sand , we eat I run in the water, run back when waves come and I take very stunning pictures. Its a open close case for me. But this article does touch on how people are. Very judgmental , but remember they will no matter what, they spend too much time on you and not  their lives.

Workplace Manners  This one was perfect , because as I told a very nice young man in Starbucks: "Say sorry when you mean it, and also when its appropriate, me asking for extra is not your fault or a problem" If you get into a loop saying it then people will make you say it or feel like you have to when you do not. Not saying not to. Its when to say it. Sorry is when you have indeed did something morally bad or in other respects. Not oh  sorry I forgot to return your call ( or in my case email) I was busy if it was very important you would of found me and spoken with me. THE END

Mindy . What can I say , shes a doll and shes a woman of color and shes bigger than what Hollywood wants her and she does not care!!!!!! What can I not love about here? She reminds me of me. Her fashion and her nails and oh shape! Again. What is there not to love ?

Liu Wen Shes lovely and for her to be the spokes person for he Apple Watch, would be even cooler, so let me see how much more would it want me to buy the watch? Technology is lovely within itself. I hate jewelry but having that watch would make me " tech queen" what, they will obey...

So in conclusion, I have thought of you all and I will post soon!!!! I am having problems with life and it is on top of my busy life so you know I have to find peace, Korean hot rice cakes( with sesemee seed) and time to update both blogs xxxxx


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