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Little Dragon Concert Wear

Hey everyone

I am between work and a cup (huge) of epresso so I decided to share my second  concert outfit post. If you know me, I have been for a very long time (since they first started) a fan of the group Little Dragon. You know how city folks have access to it all so I heard them way before a lot of people and I really like and respect this band. I saw them this past Wednesday and I was so happy. Kind of sad I had to go alone because I am in new state but its okay I so stuck out like a sore thumb. I am glad I did lol It was a wonderful. concert. Unlike many I knew every song and yeah danced on beat lol ( let me stop) but yes I will say this: Dont be afraid to show your style to the world. Im from a city that doesnt care so I wouldn't be any different in a new place. But yes though I have ran into to many hateful people here I will take this back when I move and realize how good I have/had it. Its the happiest I have been since I moved here.  Without further ado...

PS: My dress is from Anthroplogie. My sister did my makeup she draws very well so I thought why not let her draw on moi face lol Its Santigolds' eyeliner from smash box.


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