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Eurodance and Ethiopian

Hey everyone

I am stopping my Eurodance hour  to tell you guys that I found an Ethiopian restaurant. I am not only happy but tears came to my eyes when I found out its about 12 minuets from me. It is in the college district and I am happy because I love to go for lunch and I have been twice. I took pics , I had to show everyone. I still miss home but this will have to do. One other thing I bought earrings while I was drinking coffee and waiting on my lunch.

          These earrings are so cute.They are made in Ethiopia from wonderful woman who are single moms. They are also small business owners , and I say support them. We all need a helping hand , and I look good doing it 

Here are the food photos. I ate it so fast, I was looking around for more. So I had to go the next day. Lol I am glad that Yelp! helped with this. I will be giving great ratings. Once again I am so glad that I found places that remind me of what I am used to. Yes they are a ride and I have to make plans to visit but its fine. Its all part of change. Until I am back east, I will make due with what I have,and take this as a learning curve that I am trying to adjust to. 


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