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Road Trip: Las Vegas

Welcome to Nevada where my time went back an hour. 

Yes, you read it correctly. It was a sudden thing to drive, I was insisting on flying, then I thought about using that money to have fun with, so I decided to drive. It was so different, but I am glad that I took the trip. I had fun and I realized a lot of things about myself and also that I will be okay. I will visit one more time before I depart from the west. Without further ado, here are photos!! I didn't take much of me. Just one I was so into the lights and sounds.

Here are the many pics I snapped to take between walking, drinking, having fun and just enjoying myself!

  Luxor (where I stayed)

                                   Just getting to Nevada

                            Excalibur ( had an arcade)

 Buffet and Drinks 

 New York New York Hotel

                          He plays at MGM Grand Hotel



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