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Dreaming Of Fridays

Hi I know its a day early but I am so busy and I want to share some links with you. So....what are your weekend plans? Tell me , tell me. I have lot to do, I think I need a break that does not involve me driving or lifting a finger. Hopefully I will have my Miami vaca later in the year. Until then, let me share some things I found around the web.

Want to get around in style? Check out this new bus line.

If you know me personally, I am a mom of two cat girls so this cat article makes my day.

song lyric and song that you must hear. ( I can relate so well)

If this Iphone rumor is true, oh happy day.

A "bad" swimsuit collection that I ordered .

The great vaca guide to wear the above swimsuit.

NYC street styles

I was looking at the Real and saw the best advice ever! Also kudos to the models they had up there, real woman with curves that I actually look like.

A great article that many people lack to speak or know how to handle.

Until next week be easy <3 nbsp="">


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