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May Wants

Dreaming of Fridays (Day off Edition)

Hi everyone

Since I have no time this or last week I wanted to make a post that will cover them both. I have so many links to share with you, and I also want to really share two projects that I am working on that I hope can be completed. But no details yet! Okay so how was  your weekend? Also I know its early and the week, but do you have any plans for this weekend ? Without further ado, links!!!

Lets start off with a positive article about self worth. We should all stop beating ourselves up and see what we love about us. No one should be our model of looks or personality. We were all born differently so why be like someone else?

Because of this post by a favorite blog of mine, I want this dress. No before you ask lol. Not planning on it hopefully ever! But I love the look of it.

On a slightly over happy note look whats coming to the U.S.

A  BuzzFeed Violet Video that I relate to, I only wear dresses when needed and I am allergic to make- up .....BOOM! *walks away*

Another BuzzFeed Violet Video that screams truth.....wheres my cup of wine...oh wait...its only 11 am oh and its MONDAY!!!!

Two sites that my friend ( its a he) need to use if he wants to make me dinner tasting table and food52

When I get back on the east coast, this is where I should visit in Phili

The best fitting jeans for my wide butt, oh and yours is up there too.

Seven cocktails that I already drink......Cheers

So much wedding inspiration

Until next time , don't forget to check out my Pintrest I am up there when I can looking for hair tutorials and food lol


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