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Blogger for over 10 years !!!!!!( two blogs)Doctor of Business Student, New small business owner I live for god, anime, coffee, rain boots, food and my cats.



I have news!!!

I moved back to the east coast!! I know I am so happy its killing me!!! I do not like to tell things until I know its a go. Its a lot but I am ready to take it on and stay. I think Arizona made me realize the little things and that I needed that change for the better. Its hard out here and when you are in a place with limited resources it makes you feel stuck. The next time I move will back home to New York City. So I hope to snap coffee pics more often now, even though I have a heavy work load. Until then here is a nice candid photo. This Starbucks have sweet potato cake which I am in love with. I hope its a seller so it can stay around, therefore leading me to order two pieces too many.


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