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Playing Catch Up

I think that the last time I blogged it was my Friday thing. Time goes by so fast, I can not keep up. I have some things going on so I will be just MIA for a little while longer. Nothing bad but a hopefully happy announcement once I am able to. I am so excited but at the same time very confused on how it will work out this time around. You hope for the best in everything and I hope it goes smoothly. Now some project announcements.

1. Guest Bloggers- I think that it will be a great idea to have some up here when I am so busy with work and school. It can help me stress less about not having my blogs up to date. That is one thing I hate, Not seeing up to date stuff. My mother thinks that all blogs can make money. I feel that most blogs that are fashion or has a huge fan base does the best. I have no time to even sleep , keeping up a blog? ( I am laughing. ) But I have readers who love me so I keep doing it, and not to mention I love it!! so yeah, guest bloggers. If you are a blogger and would like to be a part of my new blogging series ( haven't thought of a name) You can contact me at the information under my profile.

2. Feature Products and Start-ups -I did this last year and I want to do more of it this year so once again if you have pictures, and an idea that you want to get out or need sponsoring, get me a holla I will defiantly do what I can to help funding it, contact me. Speaking of which , I am in the process of bringing a cute start up to life!!! Well I hope so!! I also entered a start up contest. Though I am not the type to really run things , I want something small and not able to expand sort of start up. A few collaborators and that's it.

3. Coffee Blog- I have so many plans for new exciting coffee posts. Again part of my surprise, just pray for me !! You know that blog is my love also and I surround myself around all things caffeinated. So, there will be number one and two things up there also. Once again if you are a coffee-shop that would like to be featured or you are a coffeehouse junkie and have pictures of your style come on be a guest blogger on my Coffeehouse Confessionals Blog I welcome you!

Until next time be easy


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