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Dreaming Of Fridays

Hey all!!

I am actually on time ( I did it ahead of time ) How was your week? I do not want to even start on mine!!!! I am glad I made it and you know its always good at times to have trails, it keeps you on your toes, not creating a comfort zone. Anyway , I have some cool links. And I hope to have a great weekend, I hope you do also.

*update* I was suppose to post this last week! I forgot! So sorry, but I do have a lovely picture to explain last weekend. Plus I added  a few more links. xx

I am loving a lot of these styles, at London Fashion week.

Toby's Estate  has a cold brew and a great article written about them in the New York Times.

A new wine that is in my cart

I think I am going to cry? Why? Read this

The actual website

A weekend interest

Wonder why we are always so tired ?


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