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Dreaming of Fridays

Hey everyone
I am posting this a day earlier because of being the busy babe that I am , will not have the time to tomorrow. So,what is everyones weekend plans? Me? eh I am a week away from being closer to 30 and also my little blog party, I cant believe it, 7 years!  I wanted to have a big one, but that will be maybe next year. OH! I forgot to tell you, I have a new nephew! how sweet is he? oh wait until hes older and I snap pictures of him for my blog! ah the joys of not having your own but to spoil others. Until then, heres what I found around the web. 
I want to move back up to New Jersey, Edgewater to the exact maybe because of this supermarket
FKA Twigs is too beautiful, yet another work of art
A pop up vietnamese joint, cant wait to go back to SF.
A cool tech article in the WSJ
Another techie article in the WSJ which had me thinking....
Last but not least, 10 great LA date ideas ( I'll just keep that over here *stuffs in bra*)


Until next week, a picture of my fur kids, who are the cutest ever!!


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