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Guest Post One: Fashion Fridays

Excuse my late post, it is now Sunday and I feeling a lot better than I was. I am a bit under the weather and of course my busy lifestyle does not give me to time to even heal. But I am very glad to have my first guest blogger. In the blogosphere world, there great bloggers that I follow, and she is one of them.

I am a subscribed reader to her fashion and lifestyle blog and I enjoy her sense of well everything! On her blog World of Nelayish, there  is something for all, from photo shoots, to make up reviews, oh and other side projects of hers. Shes one busy young woman!!! Without further ado, her is her style guide, enjoy!!

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How to Style Yourself in 5 Steps
Fashion is subjective and style is personal, actually there is no right and wrong in styling and fashion. But what makes a style more appealing is all about knowing your personality and knowing your body so well.  These tips are just based on my experiences as a fashion blogger for almost three years. I am not an expert but I know myself more than anyone else. So I know what works for me and what not works for me.
Tip # 1 Look at The Mirror
First thing you have to do is to look at yourself at the mirror. Study yourself and your body. What are particular areas you want to flaunt and to hide? Everyone is unique in physical features, you may have a look-a-like, but still there is something makes you different from another. Do you have great legs but short torso? Then wear shorts more often. Do you want to look taller? Then wear heels. Regarding your skin tone, do you have fair skin? Then go for nautical and bright colors such as; blue, red, yellow, violet. Do you have sun kissed skin? Then wear nude and peachy colors such as; peach, gold, and ivory. Do you have pear shaped body? Then stay away from pencil dresses then go for A-line dresses. So your legs will be hidden.

Tip # 2 Invest on Basic Clothing Items
Simple as they look but you needed these clothes in your life. Simply because you these timeless pieces will be your top closet staples. The example of basic clothing necessities are plain white shirt, little black dress, white button down shirt, blazer, tank top, trousers, leggings, jeans, shorts and pencil skirt. These clothing are can be easily to pair up with any top, bottom and shoes or even bags if you want.

Tip # 3 Experiment
Don’t be afraid to experiment with clothes. Go mix and match those prints, colors, and patterns. Actually there is no rule in fashion, it is meant to be fun actually, so don’t fret or pressured in mixing and matching clothes. You have your whole closet to provide you what looks good on you. Do you want to go monochromatic look? Then wear a solid colored top and paired it with a printed one with similar color. How about print on print? Wear polka dotted blouse with an A-line floral printed skirt.

Tip #4 Document Your Style
Take a picture of yourself wearing your outfit of the day. It is not about being vain or anything. It is being expressive of your own style. Documenting your outfit tells you what your personal style is. It is okay to have internet, books, magazines or whatever as a source of outfit inspiration. But don’t copy it, like what I said earlier there are no rules in fashion. Making an outfit is fashion is depends on the person wearing it. Is he/she is comfortable in what he/she is wearing?

Tip # 5: Be Confident

Fashion is fun and you have to enjoy dressing up yourself. I believe that people can reach their highest potential with the right amount of styling and dose of personality. So definitely be confident about what you are wearing. Be confident on how you express yourself as a person through styling yourself.

~ Until next guest post stay fashionable ! 


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