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Dreaming of Fridays ( Saturday Edtion )

Hey everyone!

So whats up? I some have fun links and I am heading out so I have to make this quick! Whatcha doing this weekend? Love to hear. Above pic is my Whole Foods happy hour cup lol enjoy.

I am a fan of Frank Sintra and LizTaylor, one place that is on my list that they both loved to be  and I am going to very soon is to Palm Springs 

This is a Gin lovers dream bye bye to mixing light and dark, because this drink does it.

Momofuku  is here in DC you guys!!!!! and I am so happy!! I am going this week coming.

More on Momofuku

Since I have a friend who loves this clothing brand I will feature it .

A great article

 I need this subscription

Until next week be easy!


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