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Sad Announcement

Hi everyone I want to say that I will be on bereavement for a few weeks. Its been a long week for me and finally yesterday I had to say goodbye to my oldest furbaby Izzy. I am to pieces and I need to collect my thoughts. Bella and I are very happy that family and friends are being so supportive. Its only her and I now. I tell people its very hard losing a family member. Furry or not they are your family what makes up your family. I am so blessed to have had her and she came to me when I was so down. I love her and will never ever forget her. I wrote about what happened bellow.

Thank you


                                          A picture last week before she was sick

RIP Miss Isabella-ka Sawyer. I wanna say thanks for all the heart felt words from everyone. I am so attached to my cats , its heart breaking that I lost one. It is hard being alone , family four hours each direction;working a lot and finishing my two degrees. I held on as much as I could but when they told me that they had to do cpr on her and I was crying and just to pieces, the doctors or nurses could calm me, but suddenly she opened her eyes and started cleaning me. I stopped crying instantly and everyone in the room started to cry. I knew that she was telling me that she was okay with leaving Bella-tomo and me and we would be okay without her. She was my feisty 14 year old girl, I see that she made the final decision once again . I respected her wishes. It will be okay it will just take a while.


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