Dreaming of Fridays

How ironic!

A Friday is the first day of the year!!!

So how is everyone? I have some links that I want to share with you until next post.

                                         Here's looking at you Panera salad

We are making this cake yes I am getting help if not I get bored lol

Since I have started something new, I was thinking about doing this daily ritual with my few workmates.

So many graduates this year ( including me) I am having a few post on ideas  for them.

Speaking of cooking I made Panko Crusted Chicken Legs and yes it wasn't hard but so good.

This reminded me of my late cat baby, which I found out she was three years older than I thought!!!

I'm in love with this pet friendly hotel ( side note I found out that the Sofitel in Philadelphia takes pets under 20 lbs for free!!!! but that's another blogpost)

Until next week be safe and well and productive!


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