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Dreaming of Fridays

Hi all!!!

I am on time woot! I also want to say its time to get ready for the snow storm over here in the east coast! Ah its great to be home. My first big snow in almost two years I do not know how to act! I have some links for you to enjoy over the snowy weekend if you in my neck of the woods or just in general. Whatever you do this weekend be safe and have fun!

Part- Time Blogger Tips

How to take a hint on improving your health from your furbaby

SweetGreen has a new APP

My guide to cheap DC eats. I have to say these are spot on. I should of did a post about these places.

Newsletter that I am reading atm.

As you may already know theres a storm coming. I hope so its fun to chill out and play games. Heres a list of things via Apartment Therapy/The Kitchin ( I may have or not have gotten , but I made sure my adorable niece has her things also.)

Be safe, ( I heard its going to be more snow than I thought)


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