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Dreaming of Fridays

Hey all

So what are your weekend plans? Mine is studying I have an exam. I am on this tunnel vision street of just blah. So many of things coming and going, stopping and going but I came back from my lala land to give your my cool weekly finds.


Iphone Hacks ( I didn't know I already do lol)

The Standard Hotel is a fave of mine check out this drink and cocktail article.

This lippy

And these pants( in blue thanks)

I'm on this noodle binge so here's the first recipe  and a fave (shout out to ichiban) second

Speaking of which, the second recipe chef mom has sauce. I support this 100%

I have more but that's for next week have a great and safe weekend and check out these cool links above and tell me which was helpful.

*Special shout out to Nekter LA  in the pic I snapped above of their store I visited*


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