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Cocktail Queen Post 1: Dark Spirits

Hey all

Most do not even think that Whisky/Scotch and Cognacs are different. They are not on the same spectrum and a lot of Whisky drinkers do not like Cognacs and so forths. They are two different yet complex spirits that takes sometimes a quarter of a lifetime to make and produce. The sitting time of each varies on what the maker is looking for. There are many brands out there that start from 4 to even 75 years! Now who would want to taste a 75 year old spirit . All of that sitting it must be rich in flavor and acidity and not to mention took on some of the aromas of the cask that its in.

 As far as in a cocktail  be simple with it or on the rocks or no ice at all . Yes at times it is fine for the later two  but you can easily mix it with honey or even soda and some bitters and there you have it a mixed drink that you will be instantly addicted to. What I had below was a simple mix. One is from a tasting which I enjoyed at Johnnie Walker ( green and black all day long ) and the second was from a very recent tasting from Remy Martin which I am a VSOP girl .

Remy and Ginger ale

Old Fashion ( Johnnie walker)

What are some of your fav kinds of both?
 How do you drink them ?


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