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Dreaming of Friday

Hey all

Its been a weird week , full of "wow" "geez" and "@##$$%" but its Friday and I am still standing , well I am in chasing my Bella around ( kitty) and eats this great pasta with spicy ( like ghost and habanero peppers) turkey/lamb ragu. Being on a tight budget I have to make sure that I cook enough to have have lots of leftovers (that seems to taste better days after!) Whos knows why lol.

 As my fluffy child is eating her food, I am posting this. I also have a meeting in a hour forty five so lets get to sharing the links for this week( and last) .

Cali Travels

A power interactive article

Want to rent an Island ?

Move over Uber , I read this article on another driving based company ( I still love you though)

Mashable wrote this cool article  its common sense to me , just like naps in Japan or the cool break rooms at Google .

Until next week. enjoy


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