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Dreaming of Friday

Hey all

This is most likely written in advance ( a day or so) because I am most likely not home! But I want to get back into just scheduling it to be posted then going about my day. What I have to remember is to save my links via my phones,tablet and computer so I can remember to them share with you. I have a few from the New York Times but one article  that I have been following in particular. As a finance/economics major I will say that them leaving the EU will have a vast effect on us and as Ms Yellen says she doesn't know how it will. But obviously it will come on lets thing currency here! Moving on, here's my weekly finds.

Takoyaki Balls from Bonchon

NY Times Links

Titanic 100th Anniversary

China's single time zone

Though my recipe was a lot simpler( thanks eomma) this is were I got inspiration from for pulled pork ( maybe ill blog on it )

Flyer talk has a new hotel reviewer thing going on and I am all over it.

Do you put your pet (cat) in timeout? I dont and here's a blog post that sums it up perfectly for me.

I want a food truck if I ever get married .

I have more but until next week be easy!!!


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