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Dreaming of Friday

Hey all

Squeezing in a post. I am waiting for a green light but now I am just up in the air so why not share what I have found around the web. What are your weekend plans? Eh mine are based on a phone call, email or whatever they will use to contact me. Time will tell you will see. Until then , this is what I found around the web.

When yelping, make sure you score correctly, three stars because of one con like not wanting to pay for internet is so misleading. I am doing my review now so stay tuned.

It has been a very hot and sticky week and The New York Times gave a perfect example on how hot you are waiting for the train.

This is what comes to mind when I think of Coney Island

Strike photos of Woman of Color

To satisfy my tech side router power!

Though it is not as sticky as it was all week, its still hot. Time to go out and get things done before it becomes unbearable.


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