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Happy 8th Blog-a-versary

Hey everyone im so excited to do this or as my friend says "hihi" lovely indeed !!

This is my eighth year being a blogger in general and on Blogger! I have a wordpress ( blog) . I am also a year older! Its too ironic I know.  I just want to say thanks for the ones who are here and have been ! I never set out for this to be important, it was a faster way to write thoughts down and stuff. I have been asked even recently why dont I make this a career. Well there are 3 reasons. Allow me to explain:

  1. I am a lifestyle/random blog - I do not even try to stay on one subject, I am all over.
  2. I am lazy- I admire the bloggers who do this for living. Hey I would love to have sponsored gifts, as much as I spend on things and tell everyone where to shop , I just never blog about it. ( shoutout to Gwynnie Bee I love their service) 
  3. I have a new Consulting Business and a Pt and Full time job. No I am fine lol
But you still stuck by with me and I am grateful ! I never do anything to  have many followers, its just my thoughts that I allow to be shared publicly. I never share what I do not want. No regrets.....

Here's to another well forever years in the blogging word!


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