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Dreaming of Fridays ( Saturday Edition)

Hey everyone

                                                         ( Picture taken by my cousin (thanks!) ) 

Not only have I been super busy but also so many other things including sick! Its that time of the year and I stay sick! I am the one who takes all the airborne and Vitamin C and such and still ends up being sick. Anyway how has your week been? I have had an okay week. I have seen better days and they are looking brighter. I have found so many things around the web. Enjoy below! 

This past week marked the first year of losing my Izzy but I found a sweet letter that made me just break down and cry. I am glad to have had the chance to raise an elder cat. I really think that she taught me so much about life in general. I never noticed it until now.

In brighter news, my fav writer/producer/rapper is 2016 Ebony Mag Power 100 Nominee. I have been following him way back since he wrote for 30 rock. Yep, he shows us that we all have to fight to find who we are.At times we realize that it is okay if we  havent found it yet.

So if you are a New Yorker you know about bodega cats. Well, they are trying to delete them from bodegas and we cant have that. See what to do here. I feel like at times people come into a neighborhood and try to change it. Not intergrade. It hurts to see that happen when New York City always accepted not who you were but what you were.

Preview of what I am blogging about next. It is based on this recipe .

If I were to opening an Mini Consulting firm in Japan  I would include this rule.

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