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After work date (pt 1)

Hey everyone, 
I am trying to get as much as I can in before the new year lol I have so many pictures so I will be doing just that, sharing them and telling you my short story. Hey you will even have some places to come and visit. 

 Sparkling water
 Sausage of the day
Bean and Chorizo Dip 

So above  I decided after work one Friday two weeks ago that I wanted to go out . I just have so much on my plate, and at times just a walk around Union Market and chat. We had fun , first we went and had a few appetizers here. Then we went somewhere else in the market ( that's next blog) Sometimes, you need that moment of unease to be released by doing something not planned. I think we both enjoyed our sausage of the day appetizer and bean with chorizo dip.
Do you ever go on unplanned dates ?


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