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Hotel Love: Kimptons' "Rouge"

Hey all
*yes a new year a new series *

Last post until next year lol Anyway I wanted to share my trip I just had. It was lovely. No I was not paid to tell about it, I am just a huge Kimpton hotel fan. I always bring my cat but since she was with her nana I let her be. She will come next time.

I will write a review on yelp! when I am feeling better.But for now I will show my Iphone pictures here lol .

Boutique hotels are fun because they are unorthodox. This one is nice and I give it a 4. The staff was a 5.

 All Kimptons provide yoga mats & zebra and tiger robes 

 I raided the bar 

 I love the lounge/bar.

They had my hypoallergenic room I needed, cocktail hour was bliss and I saw animals and made me feel happy that I can bring my little fluffy girl.

I think the rooms need to be a bit more updated but nothing horrible. I am a fan of the Rouge all around. I still have the same feeling after staying in 3 different Kimpton hotels this year.

 Good job impressing me . Contact me anytime Kimpton for a review we love your hotels!

ps. you get free parking if your car is "red" lol works out for me perfectly .


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