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Cocktail Queen: Sazerac

Sazerac via Succotash National Harbor

According to the Sazerac Recipe via New York Times Cooking, and my ever so growing knowledge of cocktails,it is a Louisiana specialty with Rye, bitters and a hint of sweetness. That is all.

It would make sense, the restaurant linked below the picture is a southern spot with a twist.

  Rye in my opinion is pretty much a bit stronger Whisky.

 I usually reach for the scotch/whiskys.

 It has a median price for a good tasting one, I would say around $20 if you want to learn more about it and get a taste for it.

Even allow it to be a replacement in your  "Whisky Sour"  Take a look at it, request it more. It sure packs a punch.

 Now, if you are a Rye fan, what is your favorite? List them below please, and I will be sure to review them.  


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