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Cocktail Queen: Soju

Hey everyone!


Soju in my opinion( and notes taken when asking someone)  is South Korean version of vodka.Its made with rice and other starches think Tapioca,sweet potatoes , wheat so on and forth. . So sounds familiar to you? I do not want to touch too much on Sake because that is next post for this series.

But they are indeed different. Think Wine vs Spirits. So Soju which is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is from South Korea. There are many alterations of Soju and again reminds me of Whisky and Vodka more than it does Wine.

 Many will tell you that the only place you seem to have a taste of this spirit would be at the Korean BBQ or a a cool Korean friends house. Both true only if you live in an area where the product  is not well known. Google supplies everything you need to know and even read and possibly buy.

So you can find this at some retailers near you if you simply google for it. I know that its near me at Potomac Wines in Georgetown and I will be having it shipped to me or just picking it up. I think the more background information you know ( ask questions, read, google) the more inclined you are to try it.

I prefer mine flavorful though the original is fine. As you can see it comes with a little shot glass when ordering it out, and you go from there. It has about 14% alcohol volume, which if you drink wine or even beer its not even a close of a feel to having one of these ( well two ).

Its a pretty cool drink with a vast background. Though I will not bore you on that stuff. Maybe when I will share it. Any suggestions?


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