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My recollection of her

In the memory of.......

Auntie and me

When you think of a person, it takes a while to settle into your mind that they are gone. But then you get a chance to grow and become an adult, well more adult and learn that they are not gone. They were a part of you all along.

A pic she took of me

It has taken six years (tomorrow) to grasp this concept. As an aunt myself,  I cherish my nieces and nephews and I know that she did also. She always has a special place in my heart. You know, aunts are like second mothers. They are truly a blessing. I hope my babies think of me as I do of her every day. I am that cool aunt. The one who knows too much for their own good.


I have done so much after she passed. Graduated a few times. I am graduating again. I am in Doctoral school and started my new Business Consulting Firm. She would be ecstatic and would of been there every step of the way.

At the end, I now know that she was always proud of me. Always been. As I turn another page in my life, I see that six years is a long time to have lost her. But here's to the time that I will see her again and be able to tell her of my feats. She would cover my eyes and tell me how much I didn't need to grow up. As mom said, I was always 3 in her eyes. Even now at 30 I would have been that complete sentence speaking 2 year old.
Thi is in memory of my auntie, and the show of love to my other aunts.


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