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Yet another year

Hey all

I know a long time ( few weeks) no see, but if you follow my Coffee Blog I posted somethings. Now on to this post.

Since people are busy, we decided to do everything yesterday. Today is the Anniversary day but hey why do it when you have time right? It did not turn out as planned. But you know it's fine. I snapped a few pic. Because overall a relationship, friendship or anything that you spend time and effort on deserves to be celebrated. Hey, I have a party for my blog.

Riding through downtown I snapped a pic.
                                                    Had drinks @ Bens Upstairs

                                                        Then went for seafood.

Yes, we were going somewhere else but it was a two-hour wait.I just thought hey let me relax not plan this year. Boy was I wrong. But Its okay you learn and move on move over and embrace what you now know. Reservations at times is better for the sake of sanity and time. It happened to be Fathers day and it made finding a place harder.

Im kicking  myself for not doing reservations myself but then I realize why because if there was going to be an issue it would have happened regardless of the plans. Here's to another year! All annoyances aside I do like Bens Upstairs. I think the next time I go I will make a reservation or pick a better day lol Its a rooftop! It will always be crowded.


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