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My Face Care Routines

So, again if you know me, you know that I have super sensitive skin. So bad that this skin care routine will be a breeze to share with you lol. I will link the things not pictured. But I can share with you, my face mask collection.

I have a collection of masks. I am so obsessed, that I will continue to buy and end up with boxes of them in my closet. The best places are Hmart and TJ Maxx. You get the price it is supposed to be. 
I have been shopping at Hmart for the mask before it became a Kbeauty thing here in the states. 
Korean Face Mask Collect. Going left to right: Hmart, TJ Maxx ( all three) you can also get the I'm Real" from  Ulta

"I'm Real " Mask 

I am also a Jbeauty fan. I am very picky with whats on my face. 
I try to use a mask about once every 3 weeks to a month. 

It is simple for me. I wash my face
( list below along with Luke warm water splashed upon my face)
Apply the mask 
I keep it on about 10 min less than the directions
I want to prevent a reaction as I had before. 
It took a lot of trial and error to find the correct ones.
I use water base, yogurt base, rice base and aloe. 
I have a few new ones that I will share in another post. 
I pat dry when done and then go on about my evening. 

Daily Routine Products( all used every day or other) 

Yes, that's it! I am very simple and the problem I have now is heat. I break out when it's hot, not hot, allergies everything. So I have a very simple skincare routine. Thanks for asking I have no problem sharing my lovely products with you. There are two skincare items I want to try but I have to be sure to read the ingredients before applying. Here they are below. 

What products do you use? How frequently? Here are some of my recommendations :


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