NYC with a tourist

Hey everyone 

So I forgot to post this because it wasn't even pictured mention but because I was with someone who is not from New York, I decided to give you a quick few hours that I did go to New York. 
So I went to pick up some magazines from Kinokuniya. Which now they have a service that you order and pick up ( or order online). But I wanted to show him around, take him for some food and comic books. Over all it was fun. I did not take pictures like that. I am from there lol He did though. But next time ( end of the month) I promise to take some for my readers who have not been to New York City or have not for a long time. I will link the places so you can check them out if you are going. 

Fashion mags.( I am due for some the end of the month) 

Pizza ( I pay no more than 1.75 for a slice.)
Sushi at Black Sushi


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