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Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020
At the beach a year ago, and I felt so happy. I took the one day that it was 90 and ran to the beach. Not so much this year. It's Earth Day 2020 and you know the world holds my heart hostage. I want to protect it , I own two acres of the Amazon. I am ready lol No really, this year as we sit and isolation, remember to feel blessed and humbled. For everyone who makes it through this very troubling time, remember to breathe in the air that God has provided for us. It's the little things. 

Take in the knowledge that everything made is here for us to enjoy. The little feats that are made such as using Eco straws or Eco sandwich bags make me very conscious of the world around me. This earth wasn't made for me to abuse. Its a slap in the face to its maker and I hope we all are aware of that.

It's Earth Day 2020 and I don't have much to say.
I am taking in the little things such as my beautiful back yard full of animals ( I live in DC btw).
How as a city gir…
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Moody Board

Hey allI feel as if these days anxious feelings are just. Though I’m excited to be fully working from home, it’s a bigger issue when everyone is watching, sometimes you wonder if they think you aren’t capable. Though so much behind me and as much as I love and believe in myself, I still freeze at things that I need to do to grow. 
I held my breath and respond to emails saying “ okay I’m ready. I want to be a lecturer, I have to do this” I hate showing my face on zoom but I do like zoom , I hate people watching , but I want people to listen and learn. It’s conflicting, so I made a mood board, all pics I’ve taken over time. 
It’s going to be okay , it’s for me , for Tomo for inner me who is scared to take risk sometimes. So I’m taking my own advice that I tell people. Go for it. If you mess up don’t look as it as a failure, it’s learning and trying again is needed to get better to perfect the craft in your own light. Sometimes what you think you can’t do or messed up own is you…

A lovely gem :Big Bear Cafe

What can I say? 
I did a coffee blog on this. Just telling you the drink name and price and just how lovely of a time I had. I finally got to visit this cafe. Big Bear Cafe has been on my Google list to visit. If you don't drive or have a car you will defiantly have to uber or hop on the bus and walk up for a min. Its so funny how I go there considering the side of town I live on and how busy I was before this visit. In all it was the best decision ever. The background the atmosphere and the coffee was lovely. I have no words I just have pictures. Check out Big Bear Cafe. 

Happy Blogaverary !!!

Happy Blogaverary !!!!
Its another year and I am not being long-winded this year! lol check out my newsletter ( you can subscribe on the top of this page) to see what I have to say. I am thankful. I am always thankful. You guys are here for a ride I never plan on stopping until the internets say its over and shut down. If you know me personally or have been here for a while you know that I do this as a hobby. I never made it any more than that and even so I am known and both of my blogs get lots of love. Its rare that a person runs two blogs for this long. I have to give myself a pat on the back. I also am blessed every day to have this as something positive to go to when life has not been the best and when life is as it is now just up in the air. 
Here I am walking into another year. I am happy to be alive since its also the date I was born ( in 2008) that I started this blog.

Street Fashion Diaries : Featuring H&M

Street Fashion Diaries :Coffeehouse Style : During Quarantine (Featuring SOMEWHERE )

Dress: Wednesday Girl  Scarf: Thrifted Drink: White Chocolate Latte  Location : SOMEWHERE

Meatless ( meat also added) Day of the week " Kimchi Pancakes"

Kimchi Pancake   I found many recipes around the web and I tweaked it just a bit. This is my permanent receive for them enjoy! 

Ingredients  1 cup of cut Kimchi ( adjust if you are vegan or vegetarian if making do not add fish products)1 cup of ice water1 cup of flour ( all-purpose) 1 eggOil ( for the pan)Chicken or seafood( optional) 1 cup of onions3 green onionsSeasoning of your choice ( very lightly) Soy, siracha, oyster sauce ( all optional to make a sauce you want. )

Cut up onions, scallions, kimchi ( meat ) Beat eggAdd Oil to post set it on  med-highAdd all the ingredients together, mix well. Add to pot when hot with a saddle or pour to the shape you desire.Flip after 3-5 or into crispy, do for each side.Add to a cute plate and enjoy :)

Places to shop when in and out of Japan and Korea Pt 1: Jstyle Evellet ( via

Shirt from Jstyle Evellet  Shorts: Madewell Shirt via Kooding 

Hey all 
I couldn't wait to do this post. I just took these pics ( shoutout to my niece for taking them)and had to show you guys the shirt that fits from Jstyle.
 If you do not know Jstyle Evellet is a Korean based plus size clothing brand. I have been finding ways to buy items without paying such high shipping and I found limited items on a site called Kooding. Not to mention they take Afterpay so I was like over the moon.
 I purchased only shirts and well only this is the only one that fits. After much research and ofc my body type, it is safe to say that the run-up to a size 18/20. The other shop I will mention in feature blogs below goes to a full 20. It all depends on how you are shape. 
The other shirts were cut different and this one in the pic is very stretchy which gave me room to wear. I will try other items in the posts to come. 
Jsylte Sizing 
I have a size larger shorts on from Madewell (size 37) so I know I will n…