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Sadly I love you

Ever been in a photo booth? I love it every time we do one, we get a lot of pictures of my boobs or my but cus i am trying to fit in it. lol but u noe what when we finally get it together then its cute, i will show u one day. You should do it with someone who makes you laugh but you arent sure if its love or not yet. I guess you have to go through a lot with that person. When you are separated, what do you feel? Not the childish feeling of hopelessness or that you miss them and want them back, you feel that everyday you catch yourself thinking about them. Everything that reminds u of them, from their fav song, or ice cream, to what their car looked like. then the broken promises that you set for each other. Can u like undo broken promises? It makes you think and then write these things down for other to see, cus u urself are guilty.


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