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Venting .........and my Breakdown Pt...1

Okay ima start this little section not on a certin day just when i feel like it. This is dedicated to some people that im havin issues wit or that is just full of issues that are working my nerves.....if ur in this then apparently ur special.

Sears auto repair.
How is it that it take me like ten minuets to get the car in there but like 4 hrs to get it out? when im just checkin to see if the breaks are okay. Im not gettin anything done just drive the car around the freakin lot and tell me if there is a problem.

Sears auto repair customers.

How is it that when i go to get in line some know it all jumps in front of me cus he didnt get the right battery for his car. does it look like I care? If you know so much they u should really do it themselves. man....

Boys who stares at u.

WTF! dont look at me while im trying to have a cup of freakin coffee! i mean do i have the word "stare" on my forehead? then dont look at me! dont ask my name! where im from! what im doin on my laptop! or what im reading! i dont want to talk to u obviously if ur gonna stare me down like that man....

Starbucks non coffee making bar...watever their names are.

Dont get mad cus u cant make my drink! gosh i mean i would but i cant! i bet i could make it better!. man i had to tell the person how to make it? nah im not payin 4 dollars for this. let me back there let me do it myself.....( but i love the ones who are very nice about it its not their fault)

My coat

Why why in the hell wont the lint stay off of it? okay its wool but come on now coat i cant be doing that! i go and people are like i look like i was rollin wit the dust bunnies! my gosh would you stop that!

My Math Course

I hate math! worse i dont have a soul to help me but i bet when they need a shoulder to lay own ima say yes! math i hate math! i have a phobia but support where the hell is the support people! wat u dont want me to graduate and be a function member of society oh or is it because im a girl yeah thats it ! Its okay i will find a way out of this!

okay im done my venting and stuff. hit me up if u need me. if its about u im glad u drew conclusions maybe u will call so i can tell you wat i feel its too bad to type.


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